Fahrt nach London 2017

12 Stunden in London
... kosten in Zeiten des Terrors zunächst einmal viel Mut.
... bedeuten eine laaaaange Reise mit dem Bus und der Fähre
... und vergehen gleichermaßen wie im Flug!
... sind so unendlich vielfältig, beeindruckend, spannend und bunt.
... lassen uns (Geburtstags-)Lieder im Bus singen und unseren eigenen musikalisch untermalten Changing of the Guards vor dem Buckingham Palace inszenieren.
... bieten Einblicke in britische Kultur, Geschichte und Lifestyle.
... sind grün wie der Hyde Park und busy wie Westminster.
... bedeuten Zähneputzen, Schminken auf der Fähre,
... und kuriose Abschminkrituale unserer Jungs.
... lassen uns (unsere eigenen) Grenzen überwinden und (zusammen-) wachsen.
... ziehen einen lazy Sunday nach sich.
... beweisen wie richtig Samuel Johnson lag: "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford."

Fahrt nach Brighton 2017

To get to England, we took the ferry from Calais. It is really huge and impressive, but unfortunately there was too much fog to enjoy the view. That is why we spent most of the time inside.


We began our first day in Brighton with a treasure hunt to explore the city. Although it was a bit rainy and foggy in the morning, the weather slowly got better and as we went for a coastal walk, we were able to admire the beautiful landscape. However, “coastal walk” does not seem to be the right term for our little trip – it was closer to mountaineering.  Therefore we were more or less exhausted when our group was split in two for the last activities of the day which was bowling or watching a soccer match in the local stadium. Overall, it was a strenuous but interesting day and I think I can say with no doubt that we all had a lot of fun.


On our second day we went on a day trip to London. The capital is only about two hours away from Brighton, so we had plenty of time to do sightseeing and shopping. For me, it was an exciting experience as the architecture is really impressive and we saw a lot of famous buildings that are even more beautiful in reality than in pictures, e.g. Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey. Additionally, we listened to the presentations we had prepared at home so we learnt a lot about the places we visited.


The last day of our field trip was another journey to London. We left the bus in Greenwich to visit the tea clipper Cutty Sark and took a boat to reach the centre of the city. Then we were allowed some free time which we used to explore parts of the city we had not already seen but really wanted to. Unfortunately, this time passed very quickly which was only did not really matter because the next activity on our schedule was the “Harry Potter walk.” Another experience we had was taking the London underground. It was a bit stressful but surprisingly user-friendly – unlike the English traffic driving on the wrong side of the road.

We all had a lot of fun and had unique experiences and I guess most of us will come back to England at some point because of the positive memories we have from our trip.  


Louisa Magritz​


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